Lelija 'Compass' (Lilium)

Here is another one of my collection of bold-and-beautiful lilies. Asiatic lily 'Compass'. You could say, nothing very special about an individual flower. But given the sheer quantity of flowers produced by one bulb it is not too bad (I've planted one bulb of this lily some three years ago, and here what's become of it). Of course, by now it has produced numerous bulbs, so this one is going to be divided this year (I really should have done it last autumn... but it didn't seem to mind being overcrowded yet, so I guess it'll have to wait its turn)
The second picture is of an individual flower, flanked by English rose 'Charlotte', Achillea 'Terracota' and Salvia 'Ostfriesland'. It looks like one of these compositions in gardening magazines, when you just know that the plants were just put together for the photoshoot. And yet, this one is quite true. What's even more exciting, it is quite accidental - when I get the lily bulbs in, I am lucky enough to find a free spot to squeeze them in, colour scheme notwithstanding.
All in all, this is one a worthy plant: flowers are huge, long-lasting, do not spoil in wet weather, and they make quite an impact. Just like all Asiatic lilies, this is a very tough and cold-hardy plant. Highly recommended...

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